Anthony Lee Winns Jr. - A Host of Coordinated IT Solutions

Anthony Lee Winns Jr

Anthony Lee Winns Jr. is a respected IT manager who has overseen diverse project administration activities over the past eight years. Focused on efficient solutions that ensure systems security, Anthony Lee Winns Jr. has implemented complex projects within carefully defined parameters. He takes time to identify the information systems requirements of clients and performs studies that include cost-benefit analysis.

Mr. Winns has extensive knowledge of a broad spectrum of computer techniques and procedures spanning applications, peripherals, utilities, and operating systems. He develops technical specifications for projects focused on desktop hardware systems as well as network user accounts. Among his responsibilities is making sure that projects are compliant with internal policies, regulations, laws, and applicable standards.

Mr. Winns’ systems planning approach is one that takes into consideration the long-term requirements involved in setting in place complex information systems administration and operations. He coordinates work with multiple stakeholders with the aim of ensuring that the best possible solutions are provided for specific information technology challenges and requirements.